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What is laser etching / engraving?

What do you want engraved?

Our technology allows us to etch and engrave many materials including wood, glass, stone, leather, plastic, and metal (coated and uncoated), to name a few. Our laser engraves with extremely fine detail to produce smooth edges and a high-quality result.

A sample of the things we can put on almost anything are:​

  • Initials & names

  • Logos & graphics

  • Personalized gifts & presents, specializing in Closing Gifts


What design do you want engraved?

​SYS Custom Etching and Engraving, LLC custom creates all orders. If you love what you see and want it - it's yours!

If you have an idea you'd like to be used - that is yours too!

  • Options to add graphics:

  • Complete our Custom Laser Services Request form and send it by email to, or fax it to us at 734-722-0127 along with any images or concept sketches that you want included in your custom design.

Customer artwork submission: We accept Vector files and all other formats (JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.)  the higher the dpi, the better the result.  We will let you know if a different file is needed.

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